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Hello! Welcome to EternityOfDreams, a Pokémon group where you fall asleep as a regular PKMN, and somehow "awaken" in a strange, new plane of existence called the "Dream World" as a PKMN Gijinka!


[PASSWORD THEME] Carnival Food!

Join requests are OPEN!


✿Quick Guide✿

:bulletpink: What is EternityOfDreams about?
:bulletpurple: EternityOfDreams (EoD) is a Pokémon gijinka group based on the recently developed Black/White versions Dream World feature. Everything that takes place in this group will revolve around the world modeled after the game's Dream World. Join as a PKMN who has fallen asleep in Prof. Fennel's laboratory, and awaken as a gijinka in a whole new world!

:bulletpink: What can I do in this group?
:bulletpurple: Roleplay with other members, create art, participate in chat/drawing events, and much more!

:bulletpink: What sort of art medium does the group accept?
:bulletpurple: Traditional, digital, or visual art, it's all art and we accept it! Just because most people do digital art doesn't mean the group only accepts digital. That's just closed-minded on art in general! Crayola pencils, crayons, watercolors, paint, SAI, photoshop, clay, cloth, photography, paper children... if it can be called art, it's acceptable. The only art we do NOT accept is bases

:bulletpink: How will you be selecting applications? How many members are allowed?
:bulletpurple: When the group has an opening session active, mods will work together to judge join applications when they are submitted. We will review your join application, check if the passwords inserted are correct, check your character application, and make sure you meet our dA age and gallery requirements. It is a first come, first serve ordeal. We currently have no member cap and will be freely accepting members who meet our group criteria. Good luck

:bulletpink: How do I join the group?
:bulletpurple: Read through our Rules blog for information, and be sure to read all of our other informative blogs so you know hat you're doing! When there is an opening period for member applications (which is usually announced), that's when you can join in on the fun


✿Helpful Links✿

:bulletpink: APPLICATION:

:bulletpink: MAIN CHAT:…
:bulletpink: RP CHAT (Members Only):

:bulletpink: STORY:
:bulletpink: RULES:
:bulletpink: FAQ:
:bulletpink: PKMN LIST:
:bulletpink: NPC LIST:
:bulletpink: MAP:
:bulletpink: BERRY BANK:
:bulletpink: ARCHIVES:
:bulletpink: MISSIONS & EVENTS:
:bulletpink: NEWS:

Munna by CreepyJellyfish


:bulletpink::bulletpurple: We are the Guardians of Dreams! We help to keep this world peaceful and safe :bulletpurple::bulletpink:





:bulletpink::bulletpurple: What are others dreaming about in far off lands? Don't be afraid to affiliate with us! :bulletpurple::bulletpink:

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:bulletpink::bulletpurple: Not awake, but not quite dreaming. Who is visiting this realm? :bulletpurple::bulletpink:
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✿ EternityOfDreams Current News ✿

:bulletpink::bulletpurple: June 20th, 2014 :bulletpurple::bulletpink:

Hello Dreamers and Visitors alike! Like the title says, we're giving you a little heads up.

Last news update (you can also read it below) we happened to mentioned that we would be updated the other journals soon.

When we start updating the journals, the group's join requests will be closed!
But don't you worry! They won't be closed for very long! The join requests will be closed for maybe 1-3 days.

Why are we closing them? Whelp, we don't want to cause any problems for people who maybe looking for passwords~! And speaking of passwords, they will in fact be the same, so no changes to those, they might be in different spots.

There's no set date for when the join requests will be closed, so we will let you all know a day or so ahead of time when it will happen.

Have a wonderful day~!
The EoD Mod team  

(June 9th, 2014)

Hey there, this is Rika35! If you haven’t heard the news, there’s a brand spankin new island! Time to bust out the confetti everyone! Myself and the other Mod’s are pretty stoked at this island’s new release, and we hope you are too!

But is that all we got? A new island is it? Yup, sorry, that’s all--

HA, no! We’re not going to just give you just a new island! Along with the island, we have some announcements and new features that we gotta let you guys know about.

:bulletpink: Events will be every other month, starting this event! This is so then us mods aren’t draining ourselves trying to have a new event every month, and so member can have enough time to draw for the event! We’re sure if it’s draining and stressful for us, it has to be for you guys! Now we can all relax! (Thanks to eternanyx for suggesting this to us! We really appreciate it!)

:bulletpurple: Missions are making their return!  But, not only can Mods put up missions, Members will be allowed to submit their own missions to the group as well! This means if you’re character needs help with something or if your character is too lazy to do whatever themselves, you can draw, write, or rp it out! If you have a mission in mind, please send a note in the following format:

Icon of character [Or icon of their pokemon]
•Name of character
A Description of what they need help with [Can be them in asking in character or not]
The Reward! [The reward can be an handmade item, or something of the like!]

When submitting a mission, please send it as a note to the group! We will look over the mission and give it our approval, and then shortly after the mission will be posted on the missions board!

:bulletpink: The [Dream World Map] will be updated, with member made locations! What does this mean? Well, some members have RP’ed at places on different islands such as a lake in Pleasant Forest, or a field of bubble flowers in the bubble swamp! This doesn’t mean you can come up with new official islands on the fly.
If you do have a suggestion for a location on islands, feel free to note the group your suggestions!

:bulletpurple: It has come to our attention that some people have been sending us join request, but they haven’t been in the correct format. No harm done, but we ask that you fill out the journ request accordingly, in the following format:

Username: [insert DA username here]
Months on DA:  [Insert the amount of time your account  has been on DA]
Why would you like to join?: [Simple! Why would you like to join?]
Pokemon Species: [insert what Pokemon your gijinka is]
Application: [insert app link here]
Passwords: [insert the 6 passwords here]

:bulletpink: Also, we would like to apologize in advance, but we will be going through all the journals in the group and rewriting them! We got to finish updating things here and there, so we hope you understand. Also, some things will be changed, those will be marked with a :new: next to them.

✿ Dreamy Missions & Events ✿

Here you can find a list of strange and fun events or small, sometimes serious missions that may be going on within the Dream World! All details will be announced in the mission or event going on below, as there are all sorts of things dreamers may be required to do to either complete a mission, or participate in a event taking place.

:pokeball: EVENTS :pokeball:

Pokemon city welcome banner by Rika35

Dream and Somnium lead you to the new island, where a large hand-crafted banner greets you. Ahead of you sits a peaceful little town. Stalls filled with cheap games and aromatic foods line the street. Lights and lanterns hang from poles set up for the occasion. Off in the distance, some large objects catch your attention - they look like rides!

A portly gentleman approaches you before you can make your way to the sweet, sweet food stalls. A rascal of a boy pops out from behind him, having been obscured by the larger man’s girth. They happily greet you, Somnium, Dream, and all the other Dreamers.

Mayor Reginald Icon by CuppaStars [Mayor] “Ah! Welcome welcome, all of you! As the banner says, Welcome to Pokemon City! Now, let me introduce myself! I’m Mayor Reginald, and as you can guess, I’m the mayor of this fine town! And this is--”

Foster Icon by CuppaStars [Foster] “Oi! I can introduce m’self! Name’s Foster! Made the banner, n it says it all. So, any of you twits got anythin’ shiny on ya?”

Mayor Reginald Icon by CuppaStars [Mayor] “Foster my boy, don’t go pestering these fine folk! They’ve already been through enough trouble. Now, without further ado, let’s all enjoy the festival!”


With the Rotom gone and peace returning to the Dream World, what better way is there to celebrate by having fun at a festival?!  

:bulletpink: What’s a festival without stands full of games and food! Each of these colorful stands is run by a cheerful pokemon with a gilded voice, many of them painted up like mime jr.s, or wearing exeggutor masks. Also there’s a weird little stand that’s trying to sell slowpoke tails, no one seems very interested.

:bulletpurple: Not only will you, the Dreamers, be enjoying the festivities on the new island, the NPCs will be out and about as well! Don’t be shy, go ahead and meet and greet! The following NPCs will be enjoying themselves during the festival:

Mayor Reginald Icon by CuppaStars [Mayor] -> The fine mayor of the town will be walking around the streets of Pokemon City, making sure that everything is going smoothly and without a hitch! One can assume by his kind demeanor that he wouldn’t mind at all if you went and said hi, maybe walked with him and chat too.

Foster Icon by CuppaStars [Foster] -> This little troublemaker will be running around, pestering people for shiny things, avoiding the mayor so he doesn’t get in trouble, and playing the various games that the festival has. If you give him a treat, maybe he’ll take a shine on you.

Somnium Icon by CuppaStars [Somnium] -> He’ll be out and about, helping the mayor and making sure nothing goes awry during these peaceful times. After the Rotom incident, he’d like to keep things peaceful thank you very much. Don’t worry, he won’t be too busy keeping to chat.

Dream Icon by CuppaStars [Dream] -> She’ll be buzzing around like a busy Combee, enjoying all the fun things such as the games and the rides, or she can be seen chatting with the other NPCS as well. She welcomes anyone who wants to chat with a cheery smile, and will probably drag you around to play games and ride rides.

• If you happen to draw your character talking with one of the NPCS, you’ll be sure to get a gift for stopping by and saying hi~!

:bulletpink: What’s a festival without rides? (How did they even set up these rides, you may ask? It’s a secret.) The Mayor, along with the help of the other Dreamers, have (somehow) installed some rides for everyone to enjoy! Some rides you may find are:

• Merry-go-round/Carousel

•Ferris Wheel


:bulletpurple: When night falls upon the Dream World, bright and festive music fills the town square. A moonlit dance! A break from all the chaos of the day full of games and rides. A  time for one have a dance with friends and loved ones as well.

:bulletpink: If you have any questions, concerns, or even suggestions, don’t be shy! Speak up and let us know, cause we don’t bite! And most importantly, have fun ~♪

Event Rp Info

• If there happens to be a Mod in the chats, feel free to ask them if they could host an Event related Rp!  

:pokeball: MISSIONS :pokeball:

:bulletpink: None right now

More Journal Entries


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