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Hello! Welcome to EternityOfDreams, a Pokémon group where you fall asleep as a regular PKMN, and somehow "awaken" in a strange, new plane of existence called the "Dream World" as a PKMN Gijinka!


[EVENT]: The Virus must be stopped!
[MISSIONS]: none

[NEWS] EoD is Open to the Public!

Join requests are OPEN!


✿Quick Guide✿

:bulletpink: What is EternityOfDreams about?
:bulletpurple: EternityOfDreams (EoD) is a Pokémon gijinka group based on the recently developed Black/White versions Dream World feature. Everything that takes place in this group will revolve around the world modeled after the game's Dream World. Join as a PKMN who has fallen asleep in Prof. Fennel's laboratory, and awaken as a gijinka in a whole new world!

:bulletpink: What can I do in this group?
:bulletpurple: Roleplay with other members, create art, participate in chat/drawing events, and much more!

:bulletpink: What sort of art medium does the group accept?
:bulletpurple: Traditional, digital, or visual art, it's all art and we accept it! Just because most people do digital art doesn't mean the group only accepts digital. That's just closed-minded on art in general! Crayola pencils, crayons, watercolors, paint, SAI, photoshop, clay, cloth, photography, paper children... if it can be called art, it's acceptable. The only art we do NOT accept is bases

:bulletpink: How will you be selecting applications? How many members are allowed?
:bulletpurple: When the group has an opening session active, mods will work together to judge join applications when they are submitted. We will review your join application, check if the passwords inserted are correct, check your character application, and make sure you meet our dA age and gallery requirements. It is a first come, first serve ordeal. We currently have no member cap and will be freely accepting members who meet our group criteria. Good luck

:bulletpink: How do I join the group?
:bulletpurple: Read through our Rules blog for information, and be sure to read all of our other informative blogs so you know hat you're doing! When there is an opening period for member applications (which is usually announced), that's when you can join in on the fun


✿Helpful Links✿

:bulletpink: APPLICATION:

:bulletpink: MAIN CHAT:…
:bulletpink: RP CHAT (Members Only):

:bulletpink: STORY:
:bulletpink: RULES:
:bulletpink: FAQ:
:bulletpink: PKMN LIST:
:bulletpink: NPC LIST:
:bulletpink: MAP:
:bulletpink: BERRY BANK:
:bulletpink: ARCHIVES:
:bulletpink: MISSIONS & EVENTS:
:bulletpink: NEWS:

Munna Motion Plus by DekuVX


:bulletpink::bulletpurple: We are the Guardians of Dreams! We help to keep this world peaceful and safe :bulletpurple::bulletpink:





:bulletpink::bulletpurple: Not awake, but not quite dreaming. Who is visiting this realm? :bulletpurple::bulletpink:
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✿ Dreamy Missions & Events ✿

Here you can find a list of strange and fun events or small, sometimes serious missions that may be going on within the Dream World! All details will be announced in the mission or event going on below, as there are all sorts of things dreamers may be required to do to either complete a mission, or participate in a event taking place.

:pokeball: EVENTS :pokeball:

Fennel Icon by CuppaStars Good news everyone! With some of the funding we got from this year's research, we got a new server! What's better, I've gotten in contact with Cassius in the Kalos region, and he's given the go-ahead to interface with his PC. Now we'll be getting a whole bunch of new dreamers from all over the world! We're going to just need to reboot our systems and... uh oh...

:bulletpurple:A virus has infected the computers and glitched up the machines during the reboot! It’s running rampant throughout the Dream world. What’s worse... Dreamers who have been in the Dream World before the reboot have lost their memory! Anything they had done in the Dream world has been completely forgotten!

It doesn’t stop there. The virus is pulling pranks on everyone it comes across- shocking people on the butt, making socks cling to their backsides, stealing left shoes, and popping out of places to scare the living daylights out of anyone and everyone!

:new: 3/22/2014
:bulletpink:That virus has no manners at all, he's going too far! His pranks has gotten innocent wild pokemon hurt! And he's not planning on stopping either...

The Virus must be stopped!

:bulletpink: What you can do: :bulletpink:

:bulletblack:People may write or draw their character dealing with the virus

:bulletblack:The wild pokemon need help too! Feel free to draw you're character helping the wild pokemon from the virus!

:bulletblack:Rps involving the little pest will be held in the chat

:bulletblack:A certain amount of submissions are needed in order for the Virus to be stopped.
The Submission count for this event is: **20**

:bulletblack:Logged rps involving the virus count as submissions toward stopping it.

:bulletpurple: Rules :bulletpurple:

New members’ characters are not affected by the memory loss.

Members’ characters who are affected can either have their character slowly regain their memory or wait until the Virus is beaten. If the member’s want, their character can still be affected even after the Virus has been beaten. They can choose how they’re character regains their memory.

:bulletpink::bulletpurple:Submission count: 12/20

Prizes Available

:bulletpink::bulletpurple:RP Events
None right now

:pokeball: MISSIONS :pokeball:

:bulletpink: None right now

More Journal Entries


:bulletpink::bulletpurple: What are others dreaming about in far off lands? Don't be afraid to affiliate with us! :bulletpurple::bulletpink:



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